The Reno Rebuild Project

"It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."

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The Reno Rebuild Project is a concept of the owners of Legends Grill, Sports & Spirits, the Sierra Tap House, Ole Bridge Pub and The Brewer’s Cabinet—local boys who went to elementary, middle, high school, and college in this town, who in 2012, recognized a community need they passionately hope to fill.  The recession, big corporate business, and the financial industry’s refusal to make small business loans have all contributed to the demise of Reno’s small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit that had resonated throughout our city and America for so long.  We learned this through our own experiences in dealing with banks and repeatedly being denied while attempting to expand our existing businesses or start new ones; however, we were fortunate to have friends and family who believed in us and loaned us the money necessary to pursue our dreams.

We recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as we have been to have friends and family with enough capital to help them pursue their dreams.  There are many intelligent, inspirational individuals in the Reno area with some amazing business ideas that are being put on hold or thrown out entirely simply because they cannot secure the necessary capital to fund their projects.

We hope to help solve this problem.  This is our commitment to our community and to our fellow citizens:  Beginning in 2012, our four businesses will donate $.05 cents of everything and anything sold at each location to The Reno Project Fund.  With these contributions, the fund will continue to grow, and once a year (beginning in 2013), we will select one idea from a Reno-based individual to receive a small business loan to make his or her dream a reality and restore faith in local small business owners and Reno’s potential as a thriving and lucrative home for small businesses in general.  This loan will be a low-interest loan with all principal and interest returning to the fund to help it grow, with the hope of eventually funding more ideas each year.  This fund will not be used to finance big businesses, franchises or businesses outside the Reno-Sparks area.  All money will stay in our community, supporting the local economy and helping to rebuild our community—one small business at a time!
To our customers, please recognize that we are not the ones contributing to the fund—you are!  With every item you buy, $.05 cents goes directly to The Reno Project fund.  You are the ones helping to rebuild this city and helping to build this fund.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, we are not interested in your credit score, we are not concerned what industry you are in, and we are not worried about your experience.  What we are looking for is a great idea that will bring something new to our city and improve the lives of those who call Northern Nevada home.  We want individuals who will bring pride of ownership to their business, a sense of community to the Reno area, and a business the city of Reno can be proud of it.  And we hope one day that you will “pay it forward” in some way too.

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You can also visit Legends Grill, the Sierra Tap House, Ole Bridge Pub or The Brewer’s Cabinet for more information.